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Building Memories this Christmas - Issue 180
December 17, 2010
Hi there! ....

This week we’ve been busy getting ready to go on family holidays. There has been lots to do as we prepare to drive across the country to be with Peter’s folks for Christmas.

There will be no newsletter next week – as I want to be, and I’m sure you’ll be as well, with family and not at all concerned with emails and newsletters! During this coming week though I have a few Christmas thoughts coming up on my blog – so if you want some heart encouragements for the week, please pop over there every couple of days. My blogging schedule is going to be a bit erratic over the next month or so; I will post when I can but family will come first. Newsletters will continue in the new year.

Let me take this time to wish you and your family a special time this Christmas. Not only as you make memories by being together but as you grow in your walk with Jesus this Christmas season as well as in the new year.

Live life with your kids!

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Building Memories this Christmas

This time of the year we are often focused on making memories for our children. It is Christmas time and we go to many lengths to set the atmosphere in our home, to cook special food, and buy (or make) unique and meaningful gifts. We think on the traditions that our family practiced and we build on them in our own families.

In our family we have 2 special parties each year as a part of our Christmas celebrations (though we’ve done neither this year) – we have a tree decking/thanksgiving party early December and we have an open house Christmas night. I always serve the same two salads and make a lolly icecream for Christmas night potluck.

But traditions aren’t just around Christmas time – we have all sorts of family traditions:

  • When we set out on a long trip we always play the same CD/music as we drive out of town – it is a memory that we continue to build on.
  • We have birthday traditions where birthday person chooses the menu for breakfast and dinner, and we don’t do any study/school work on birthdays if we can tweak it that way!
  • Sunday mornings we have a cooked breakfast – mostly cooked on the BBQ – and we enjoy sitting out on the veranda whenever possible.
  • We have our family read aloud time after dinner, while everyone eats dessert.
  • We watch movies on Friday night – and eat pizza (most times)

What are your family traditions that your children will build their memories on?

As I reflected on our traditions and the memories that we hope our children will take with them it dawned on me that we need to have spiritual traditions too – that our children need to have spiritual memories. Our family life needs to be built on spiritual activities as well as fun activities.

Do you do things that build and encourage your children’s spiritual well being on a regular basis? Do these things identify your family and give your children a sense of belonging – this is who we are, and this is what we do.

What could be a spiritual tradition, or a spiritual memory?

  • Family devotions
  • Dad/Mum praying for each child before they go to sleep
  • Bible studies and discussions over God’s truths
  • Going to Church
  • Praying with guests before they leave your home
  • Singing songs of praise and worship as a family
  • Praying in the car
  • Reading Spiritual growth books or biographies together
  • Watching DVDs that show God’ goodness either in people’s lives or in creation
  • Being hospitable to strangers
  • Celebrating spiritual milestones

What will your children remember about this Christmas? I’m sure there’ll be lots of fun things to remember and lots of memories to treasure. But will Jesus be a part of them?

At Christmas time we are very aware that Jesus is the Reason, and that we want to keep Christ in Christmas – but what are we doing to that end. Do we just tack Jesus onto the traditional celebrations and activities we get involved in, do we make sure we sing a balance of Christ based carols, do we go to church on Christmas day?

The real questions should be: Are we meeting with Jesus daily? Are we listening to the Holy Spirit prompt us as we rush here and there? Are we making time for the people God puts across our path (including our children). As we do all the things on our to-do list do we remember that we want to be like Christ – How would Jesus get ready for a family celebration. Are we remembering the fruit of the spirit in our life?

But the fruit of the Spirit is
love, joy, peace, patience,
kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
gentleness, self-control;
against such things there is no law.
Galatians 5:22-23 (ESV)

It is these spiritual aspects that need to be the foundation of our children’s memories.

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