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Your Home as a Sanctuary - Issue 179
December 10, 2010
Hi there! ....

This week we’ve had a friend of Joshua’s visiting. It has been great to hear the two young men talking flat out – debating, challenging each other, being gracious, and moving on. It has been great to see them work together on the farm and they’ve also given themselves to Daniel by playing board games, cricket and taking him for a bush walk. But I’m a bad mother – I’ve taken no photographs! I’ve told the boys they have to relive their week and pose for me but that didn’t go down too well! It has made me really stop and think – how am I recording my older kids lives. We take so few photos these days in comparison to when they were young. When they were young they were so cute and it was easy to bring out the camera but today the camera gets forgotten in amongst the go-go of many projects. I need to work on that. So as I write, the camera is beside me and today they will have their photos taken – many times!!

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Your Home - a Sanctuary

What images come to your mind when you think of ‘sanctuary’?
  • a holy place – a place of worship
  • a place of refuge; asylum
Our home can be both these things to our children, in fact, our home needs to be.

When I think of sanctuary in terms of a place of worship I think of a quiet spot, an inviting spot, a place where I can focus on God, his amazing-ness, his wonder, his love for me and my love for him. A sanctuary is always open, ever ready to welcome all who want to sit for a while. Our home can be this – both a place for our children to connect with God and with family. Our children need to know that when they have burdens and concerns they will find God in our home; that we will be there to guide them towards God, His truths and His purposes. The things we do in our home today; the atmosphere we set, the patterns we live by all contribute to this assurance in our children’s hearts.

When I checked out the dictionary meaning of sanctuary I was struck by the idea that a sanctuary is a place of refuge for a bird (or animal) either hurt or being hunted down. Is there something pursuing our children? Yes, I believe there is, I believe there is something pursuing all of us. I would call it the spirit of the age: self-centered living, pursuit of wealth and success, individualism etc. These thoughts are strong and alive in the world today and as our children grow and define themselves these ideologies are out there ready to influence their thinking.

Our home life can truly be a place of refuge – a place that offers protection, peace and sustenance. Protection from worldviews that would draw their hearts away from God and His perspectives; a place of peace where they can flourish without inner turmoil, and sustenance that will allow them to grow and develop into the people they were created to be.

It is easy to look at Better Homes and Garden and let our senses be drawn into defining what a home is to look like, what hospitality is to look like, what fun looks like. And yet if those things don’t set a tone of sanctuary for our children we are just keeping up with the Jones’ and we are missing the mark as a Christian family. Our home is to be one where God is glorified and people are welcomed, cared for, healed and set free. Not to say that a well decorated house and table won’t allow for the inner man to be touched, it may, but the challenge is to us – what do we desire, what will we make our priority – a decoration or a heart.

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