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Your Home as a Sanctuary - Issue 181
December 31, 2010
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This week we are still on holidays, if you’d like to catch up with what is going on – I maybe blogging (or I may not be). You’ll have to go over and have a look-see! Belinda’s Notes

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Working with Strengths and Weaknesses

Sometime ago I was in our local plumbing supplies shop. I had Daniel with me and he was checking out taps as we need to replace some tap handles. The shop owner was impressed that Daniel was looking after this job for me. I got talking to her about Daniel’s strengths being in the area of fixing things and retold a story about how Daniel directed his older brother to do a task that he hadn’t actually done himself before but he knew what to do (and his big brother didn’t). The lady asked – didn’t Josh get offended that his little brother was telling him what to do? I told her that we had taught our children to recognise their own strengths and weaknesses, and to recognise their siblings’ strengths and weaknesses and to work together as a team. This was a new thought to her.

Is it a new thought to you? Do your children

  1. know their own strengths and weaknesses
  2. know their siblings’ strengths and weaknesses
  3. work together as a team considering those things?

Our children’ aren’t fools – they know what they aren’t good at and we do them a disservice if we hide this fact under false praise. We need to encourage our children with the things they truly do well and encourage their efforts to keep on trying with the things they don’t do so well at. I have regretted calling my children something like, “Our Artist”, this has given her an identity and what happens on the day that she doesn’t feel very artistic? Our children’s identity should not come from what they can do – their identity comes from who God says they are – His child, created in His image, redeemed by His act of love. Another part of their identity comes from being our children – they are Letchford kids – doesn’t matter what they do or don’t do they still are our kids – it is who they are.

The Bible talks about the body of Christ being like a physical body; with all different parts, the toe, the hand, the head etc playing its part. Each part needs the other part to be an effective body. Since the family is the building ground for the family of God, we can take this analogy into our family as well – each member is different, with a different function but equally needed to be a family. The thing is (and this is the same in the church) we get more concerned with what we can do as an individual rather than having a goal as a family. Our children need to see that their gifts and talents are for the benefit of others. And when they understand this difference the atmosphere in your home will change.

We can have a culture in our home where the oldest is the boss simply because of age, and this is relevant sometimes but when that is the only context of relationships in the home things go sour. My children refer to Joshua in matters of history, they always ask Jessica when things get lost (not because she loses things but she knows what happens around here, she knows where stuff is!), Nomi will wrap a present with style and flair, and they know Daniel will be interested in fixing something. It doesn’t matter who is the oldest – it matters who has the skill and ability. Relating to each other simply through the eyes of age is like relating to each other out of position. He’s the oldest therefore...

But family life is not an organisation – it is a living relationship and we need to give and take, serve and be served, love and be loved.

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