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What do you Believe? - Issue 134
January 08, 2010
Hi there! ....

This week was the end of any holiday mode around our place – it was all hands on deck, we’ve got things to do! Peter and I have planned January as a month where we work together as a family on some projects around the house that have been ignored for way too long. It has been good to work together, to push through some weak moments, and to see the fruit of our labours. As with anything that we do there is always an opportunity to teach our children something – we’ve been working on the idea of productivity and the second idea of order. It struck me as we were making these plans that we have a negative attitude towards ‘busyness’ and rightly so – busyness tends to take us away from the things that are important to us, but productivity – now that is a necessary skill and focus to have. We need to use our time, talents and resources wisely, for a godly purpose – and that is to be productive.

Live life with your kids!

What do you Believe?

The new year brings a fresh look on life. At this time we tend to be motivated to assess our life, to make changes and do better than we did last year. A fresh start so to speak. Most of us know though that we can’t just take a stab at an idea and hope it will work for us just because it is the new year or even just because it has worked for someone else.

What we believe will be the driving force behind any actions we take. Therefore, we must ensure that any plans and changes we make for ourselves or our family are in keeping with our beliefs.

Sincerity: Eagerly doing what is right
with transparent motives
Character First, Education Series 1

The word motive there indicates the inner thing that makes us ‘tick’; the Bible calls this ‘heart’.

Excerpt from my Heart Focus Parenting book:

  • The heart is the inner man, the conscience, the soul.
  • The heart is the mind, the place where we understand, think, reflect and know things.
  • The heart is where we have inclinations and make resolutions to determine our will
  • The heart is where our character springs from
  • The heart is the seat of our passions and our emotions. (end quote)

In other words, the heart is the place, deep inside each one of us that makes us tick. It is our belief system. In order to be effective in whatever we do we need to ensure that

  1. Our belief system is on track
  2. Our actions line up with our beliefs

As a parent what do you believe in terms of your child having a relationship with God? Or building and protecting their relationship with you? Or their siblings? Do you have plans or ideas that will encourage that happening in your family life this year?

As a parent what do you believe about your child having responsibilities? Does your daily routine allow for this?

As a parent what do you believe about your child’s inner self? What glimpses have you seen that encourages you or warns you that there are areas of concern? Have your plans for the year taken this into account?

As a parent what do you believe about your child’s gifts and talents? Have you thought about that as you planned your children’s extra curricula activities for the year?

As a parent what do you believe about your child’s education? Are your decisions and choices consistent with your belief?

When our beliefs and actions are in keeping with each other we can eagerly approach this year (with sincerity). We will know that what we are doing is right and we can be enthusiastic about it. It is when these two aspects get out of whack that we begin to feel like things are just not working, life is hard and we lose hope or motivation.

As a Christian my belief for each one of those areas needs to be based on the Word of God. It is so easy to race ahead and make plans – new books, new curriculum, new ideas, new opportunities are all so enticing.

But ... I must wait on the Lord

I need to humbly ask that He shows me where my beliefs and actions are not in sync

I need to be prepared to make some changes – possibly in my beliefs system, possibly in my actions and plans.

But they that wait upon the LORD
shall renew their strength;
they shall mount up with wings as eagles;
they shall run, and not be weary;
and they shall walk, and not faint.
Isaiah 40:31

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Belinda Letchford
Living life with her kids in Australia!

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