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God wants our Heart - Issue 132
December 18, 2009
Hi there! ....

This week:
The nicest thing that happened to me this week was taking time to celebrate my friend’s birthday over breakfast. We were all mums so our conversation was around being mum, being a homemaker and teaching our kids. I came home so relaxed and encouraged. It was a nice way to start the day.

Yesterday afternoon I sat in our Family Room with the kids listening to an audio as we all worked on creative projects. Daniel put some finishing touches to a wood project he had been working on, Nomi worked a dressed we bought her that needed some alterations, Jess had some paper craft projects while I did some digital scrapbooking. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

So in the midst of a crazy busy time (last week’s newsletter was written just for me!!) we need to remember that relationships come first.

Live life with your kids!

God wants our Heart

Any time of the year is a good time to remember that Jesus wants our hearts but Christmas time is such a time of heart challenge in our society it is a good time to be reminded. Each year the Christian kids of our town are invited to participate in a play to be a part of the Christmas Day Combined Churches Service – last year we did What God wants for Christmas – the challenge at the end is very clear as each person in the congregation opened a gift and looked inside to see the very thing God wants – their own face reflecting in a mirror – God wants you!

Is this message getting through to our kids this year? Conversely, do we ourselves need reminding?

In my Heart Focus Parenting book I started by writing “What is our heart?”

  • The heart is the inner man, the conscience, the soul.
  • The heart is the mind, the place where we understand, think, reflect and know things.
  • The heart is where we have inclinations and make resolutions to determine our will.
  • The heart is where our character springs from.
  • The heart is the seat of our passions and our emotions.

This is what God wants ... God wants our inner man, our conscience, our soul; He wants our mind, our passions and emotions.

When God has our heart He will be reflected in all that we do because our heart is what directs what we do ... Our heart determines our inclinations, resolutions, our will, our character, our understandings.

This Christmas, when our children’s carnal-man heart is so often set on the external – the decorations, the food, the fun, the presents – we need to make sure that we make time to reflect as a family and focus on this one gift that God wants – our heart.

I encourage you to find time early in this coming week where you can talk about giving our heart to God. You may have a birthday party for Jesus and bring gifts (as we do for any birthday party), You may have a family devotion with candles lit (setting the stage for something special). You may just talk around the dinner table. Your family may like to disperse and ‘do business’ with God individually, or you may pray and make commitments together as a family.

Talk to your children about the affects of God having their heart – that their thinking needs to be in line with God’s thinking; that their emotions need to be in keeping with God’s emotions; that their actions need to be God pleasing – all this springs from a heart that is given to God.

In recent years the connection between our celebrations of Jesus’ birth and our celebrations of His resurrection have become closer linked in my heart. Christmas is the beginning of the story, and then Jesus on the cross said, “It is finished!” He came as a baby but to die on the cross and rise again so that our sins can be forgiven. Now at Christmas time, when our children (and ourselves) give our heart to God – we need to be reminded that forgiveness is also ours because there will be times when we take that heart back, that is, there will be times when we sin. When God gave us Jesus as a baby there was the promise of the forgiveness. To us a Saviour is born!

The idea that God wants our heart is something that can be taken into our family life beyond the parties, the tree and the presents. This is the aspect of Christmas that we need to take hold of, to remember and to build our next year upon.

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Belinda Letchford
Living life with her kids in Australia!

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