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Give God my Best Live life with your kids - Issue 124
October 23, 2009
Hi there! ....

This week
Just yesterday the kids and I discussed ‘being shy’. Is being shy acceptable? Is it just a personality thing or is it a moral thing? I know most homeschoolers cringe at the questions on Socialisation – we know our children are learning how to relate to people. But it is good to take stock occasionally, to look at each of our children and assess how they are going and determine one area of social behaviour that needs a tweak, a polish or an overhaul! Greeting people, interrupting people, introducing people, initiating conversation, making people feel comfortable and accepted etc are all moral skills that we need to teach our children. And it starts with the family. We have been working on conversation skills – to listen to each other, not to interrupt, to encourage each other’s thoughts. It has been delightful to hear the kids starting to apologise to each other for talking over or not listening to each other, to hear them ask questions of each other and draw each other out. Social skills are learnt when we are with other people – and we are with our family every day!

Live life with your kids!

Give God my Best

Our mid-week Bible Study watched Facing the Giants together this week. (Yes, I know – again!!!) Whenever I watch this movie, I am challenged with some aspect of my life. This time round it was the idea of giving God your best. Do I give God my best?

As I started to think along those lines looking for an answer, I found more questions –

  • What does God want of me?
  • What is His standard of best?
  • What am I going to do about it?

I know that I try hard, that I do my best in most given situations. But this question hits to the heart of things – is my best for God or for me?

What is in my heart?
What is my motivation?

Matthew 6:1 says, Take heed that you do not do your charitable deeds before men, to be seen by them. It goes on saying how Jesus wants us to give, to pray and to fast in secret. He says that our reward isn’t to be from man, but from our Father in Heaven. This is true for all that we do.

A verse that has been going around and around in our family – it applies to every aspect of our life is 1 Corinthians 10:31 Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

There are natural rewards for me when I do things well; when I look after my home, when I am consistent with my parenting, when I eat right, when I look after my marriage, when I care for other people but if I do those things for God – as worship to Him because He loves me, then those natural rewards slip into insignificance compared the rewards from my Father in Heaven; remembering that God’s perspective in an eternal perspective.

So is my best for me so I am happy and fulfilled today, or is my best for God so He is worshipped and glorified?

Whenever we start talking about a standard of ‘best’ women start to feel pressure, they squirm and feel condemned. I am not going to define what ‘best’ is. This isn’t about challenging your apathy, your laziness, or mediocrity – no, I presuming you are doing your best. The challenge to me was - is it for me, or is it for God.

Is God glorified in all that I do?

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