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Loyalty to my Kids - Live life with your kids - Issue 118
September 11, 2009
Hi there! ....

This week has been full of learning opportunity (as is every week, if we pause enough to reflect back.) For Nomi and Daniel it was a good study week we got to many lessons, and the habit of daily independent work is being founded in them more and more. For Jessica is was a week of projects she learnt to edit digital movie footage and make a movie, we had a big dress-making lesson, and she spent time with her singing teacher trying to set up Skype in preparation for her lesson next week. All these things take time and focus and are good things for her to be learning. Joshua gets back from Canberra this week Daniel has missed him terribly. We have been pleased with how Joshua has gone his first time in a big group of peers. He has learnt a lot about himself, a lot about others and a lot about the country. He flies back this afternoon and we are looking forward to hearing all about his time away.

I released a short e-book this week Restoring the Heart, Mind and Soul of Christmas more about this at the end of this newsletter!

Live life with your kids!

Loyalty to my Kids

Loyalty being committed in good times and in bad

As weve discussed loyalty with our kids this week we have talked about being loyal to

  • God
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Ourselves
  • Our country

Loyalty is about our relationships about sticking by these relationships in good times and in bad. The challenge keeps coming back to my mind am I loyal to my kids? Do I serve them? Show them I want the best for them? Stick up for them? Encourage them? Listen to them?

It was the listening to them that I started to dwell on I know I listen to them, they talk all day and I hear it. But do I listen with a caring ear, do I listen with my heart.

  • When my children get distressed about something am I quick to jump in and tell them that there is no reason to be distressed?
  • When my children get hurt by someone am I quick to jump in and guide them in their response to the other person?
  • When my children get angry and I quick to jump in and teach them a better way?

My children are little people with all the full range of emotions and expressions of emotions that I have. What do I feel like when Im sharing my distress with Peter and he tries to fix it? I dont appreciate it! Its not just a male / female thing it is a lack of empathy. I want a listening ear; I want someone who will love me even though Im being distressed and irrational, even though Im frustrated, hurt, angry, or lonely. These are the feelings our children (big and little) go through as well.

Empathy is to imagine and share another persons feelings. It is about getting on board and being there with them. It is about understanding them. Often the best way for us mums to show empathy, is to be quiet; to listen without speaking, no questions, no prompts, just a listening ear, a nod of affirmation and a hug. Once they are comforted and affirmed (and the emotions are not so hot) they will be ready to listen to our encouragement, but not during the moment of emotion.

People will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel.
~ Bonnie Jean Wasmund

Do we take the time to stop and make our children feel loved, cared for, listened to, understood? Or are we rushing around, sweeping their feelings under the table as we teach and train them in the important areas of life?

Do my children know that I am committed to them even on their bad days?

15 Weeks till Christmas! I am starting my Project Christmas this week. Check out my blog and join me as we prepare our hearts and our home to celebrate Jesus birth.

My e-book, Restoring the Heart, Mind and Soul of Christmas, is a workshop style e-book, based on a workshop I held for a couple of years to help families see that Christmas can be a significant tradition in our family life. If we are intentional about how our family celebrates we have the opportunity to use this time to teach our children about Jesus, and his love for each one of us.

Christmas time is supposedly a time to focus on the birth of Jesus Christ but these days it gets hijacked by commercialism and traditions. This workshop will help you clear your mind as to what is important in your family and what is not.

This workshop is not about giving up Christmas Trees and Santa - and only having birthday parties for Jesus. Its not about not celebrating Christmas in a traditional sense at all. It is about being intentional about what goes on in your home around Christmas time. Is Jesus involved? Is He just on the edges or is He in the center? Read more

If you downloaded a review copy of this e-book last Christmas I invite you to give some feedback - how did being intentional at Christmas time change your celebrations?

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Also available - Heart Focus Parenting - A heart focused parent will keep their attention on their child's heart for God, instead of on external behaviours.

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Until next week

Belinda Letchford
Living life with her kids in Australia!

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