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Be Real - Live life with your kids - Issue 115
August 21, 2009
Hi there! ....

This week This week I’ve blogged our daily happenings. I like to do this every so often as it helps me focus on what does happen instead of what doesn’t happen! I find it very encouraging. We have had a balance of academic work, character training, working on family projects and visiting with friends. I encourage you to do this too, whether you blog, or just keep a journal. You will find a confidence building in yourself as you start to see the balance of family life and the learning that is going on in your family.

Live life with your kids!

Be Real

One of the requirements of setting goals is that they need to be real – that is, our goals need to have a realistic expectation of being achieved. But what does this look like in our home, during our day?

We set goals for ourselves all throughout the day and for all the many ‘hats’ that we wear. We set goals within our role as wife, homemaker, homeschool mum (and whatever other hat you may wear.) Though we often set long term and short term goals, I am focusing on the short term, the daily and the weekly goals that we set ourselves. Our short term goals will either be achieved or they won’t. The actual chance of them being achieved is what defines them as real.

I’m not talking about fancy goals written on mission statements etc. When we write a to-do list, we are setting ourselves a goal. When we write a lesson plan we set ourselves a goal. When we draw up a routine, we set ourselves a goal. When we have a cleaning roster, we have a goal. These are the things we expect to happen in our day. When we set these goals we need to have realistic expectations. That is, we can see, within the normal set of circumstances that these goals will be reached.

  • I intend to get the floor mopped today (a realistic expectation)
  • I intend to teach Bible, Language, Math and Science today (okay, this happens most days)
  • I intend to get a haircut today (fair enough, it needs to happen)
  • I intend to talk to my son about his latest essay (yep, you’ve time for that)
  • I intend to organize that fundraise today (this is close to my heart, it is important)

The problem is that each individual goal is achievable but our day is put together by a number of factors, and each one of our goals needs to be considered in context. The context is our family life. To be honest, if there where no people involved in my life, I would achieve everything on my to-do list!! But that’s not the point! The point is that we need to live life with our kids, and balance our responsibilities.

The problem with setting unachievable, unrealistic goals is that when we don’t achieve them we tend to feel inadequate, demoralized and stressed. We can protect ourselves by starting off real in the first place.

When I plan my days, or my week I consider:

  1. All commitments
  2. For all members of the family
  3. In all the spheres we function

A scientific fact to remember: For every action there is a corresponding reaction. How true this is even as we talk about setting realistic goals. When you say yes to one thing, you say no to another. We cannot squeeze everything into one moment of time. There are consequences for our overloaded to-do list.

To set real goals we need to:

  1. Accept the season of life we are currently living
  2. Understand our abilities, and our limitations
  3. Know the things that are the most important to our family
  4. Learn to say ‘no’ (sometimes this means we have to say no to ourselves as the grand plans form in our own heads!)
  5. See the long term nature of our situation as wife, mother, homemaker – not everything has to be done today.

It takes self control and discipline to keep our lives from being too full of unrealistic, unachievable expectations, goals that we constantly don’t meet, and yet constantly set for ourselves. So this week, consider your whole life, every sphere, every commitment, and consider how it is affecting your family life and peace. Then decide “Is this goal real?” If yes, great, if not – make some changes!

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Belinda Letchford
Living life with her kids in Australia!

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