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Be Diligent! Stay on Track - Live life with your kids - Issue 113
August 14, 2009
Hi there! ....

This week has been slightly different in that Pete took Daniel away for a couple of nights and the girls and I took the opportunity to change our routine and get into some projects that needed to be done around the house. Jess and I worked in the office clearing desks and piles of paper. Nomi worked around the house on various little projects. It was a productive time. Once again I was reminded of how much our family life has to offer our children in their training and growing up of our children. It was a delight to work with my girls, to give them tasks that challenged them and yet was in keeping with their abilities. Daniel had a wonderful time (his words were, he had a “totally fun time!”) It is precious to be able to invest into our relationships with our children.

Live life with your kids!

Be Diligent: Stay on Track

This month we are working on the character trait of diligence.

Investing all my time and energy
to complete the tasks assigned to me.
- Character First

It doesn’t matter how often we revisit this character trait – there is always so much to learn and establish in our lives. It is constantly a challenge. As we have worked on this area in our lives we have reflected on (and used) these few catch phrases:

  • Just do it! Get started!
  • Do it right!
  • Finish it!
  • Focus, don’t get distracted!

Plan to be diligent
On my daily planner I have a little section where I jot myself a note on the issues I am working on for each of my children for that day/week. Sometimes there is only one child I am specifically working with, other times there are notes for all four! We may be working on obedience/not arguing or speaking kindly, or accepting correction or establishing a study habit – I need to constantly remind myself of these things otherwise they get lost in the wash of the busyness of the day.

As I was writing up my notes for this week I was challenged with my own heart and the things that I need to be diligent with – what do I need to work on in my own life? I wrote it down. So now my “Heart Training” notes for the day not only include my four children it also includes me and the one area I need to work on for the week. This has helped me through the day, through the week, to stay on track: to be diligent.

Review how you go
Another aspect that I have taught and tried to practice this week is the idea of review. For us to make changes in our life, for us to be growing in character we need to look back at our day, and ask ourselves, “Was I diligent today?” and then, regardless of the answer, ask, “How could I improve tomorrow?” This type of reflective thinking will help us stay focused on the things that are important to us. This has been a good topic of family conversation at the dinner table as we each are honest and open about how our day has gone.

I have done this type of journaling with my daily devotions – I have a little notebook and each day I write “My Yesterday” and I reflect on what happened, and what didn’t happen and what I could do about it. This then gives me something to take to Jesus and work with for the day. Over time it shows my journey; my struggles and my victories as aspects of my life changes.

Pursue Excellence
The third aspect of Diligence that has been in my mind is the idea of mediocrity vs. excellence. What is excellence? Excellence to me is that little extra shine, the gleam, that polish on something. I have asked myself, “Do my spheres of responsibility have that little gleam of excellence?” It is easy to drop the standard, to be okay with not trying and not looking for ways to improve. Life gets comfortable. I’ve introduced the phrase “elbow grease” to my kids – life needs elbow grease – we need to put in effort, walk away from the so-so attitudes around us. We need to pursue excellence in all that we do.

So what are the tasks assigned to you, to me? What do I, as wife, homemaker, and mother need to invest all my time and energy into? It may be moral issues, relationship concerns, physical tasks to complete, but whatever it is we need to face it with all our energy and without distraction. We need to be diligent – to stay on track!

And whatever you do,
do it heartily,
as unto the Lord and not to men
- Colossians 3:23

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