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What defines you? - Live life with your kids - Issue 113
August 07, 2009
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This week:
We have had a learning from life season over the last 6 weeks. This week we changed focus with turning towards our books and formal studies. This doesn’t mean of course that life gets shut out, just that we are aware that this is a season for study, it is our focus, a high priority. The number one thing that I have learnt, or was reminded of this week, was the importance of preparation. For me to be intentional and consistent in the training of my children (regardless of what sphere of their life) I need to be prepared; I can only wing it for a short period of time.

Live life with your kids!

What defines you?

This week I took some time off and watched a movie about a girl who struggled with her identity; she was defined by what she wore, what she owned and how much money she spent. She met a fellow who didn’t want to be defined by his family reputation, by labels and possessions. Though it was a light & fluff movie, the question stuck with me, what defines me?

I wear many hats – I’m a wife, mum, a homemaker, a homeschooler, a Christian, a friend, a daughter, a person in the community, a sister, a scrapbooker, a web owner, and the list could go on, listing all the aspects of my life. Which one defines me though?

The problem with being defined by external things is that when it is removed, I am left bereft, lost without an identity. For example, if I am defined as a homeschool mum, what happens when all my children grow up? I flounder, I grasp, I question my value and my purpose. What happens when my scrapbooking business shuts down? What happens when I move town or friends move on? What happens when ministry doors close?

The unchangeables in my life are my core relationships: I am first of all a Christian – Jesus is my Lord. This means that all my decisions, in every other sphere of my life, are made from the perspective of being a Christian.

The second most important relationship is my marriage – I am a wife. How do my decisions affect my marriage? Do I even consider this when I decide to take on another commitment? In days gone past, being known as “Mrs … ” was a badge of identity. Though it is the same today, we are not so conscious of it. Our family name gives us identity and we need to live it with pride.

Then there are my children. Recently I have been challenged with the idea of how I introduce myself. Do I introduce myself as a homeschool mum, letting homeschooling define me, or do I introduce myself as a mum, and wear that badge proudly. Being a mum encompasses so many different aspects but we need to let our priority show – my heart is towards my children. I am a mum.

Many years ago we had a minister who would stand up at church every Sunday and say, “Hi I’m Tom, and I’m a Christian!” We would all answer back “Morning Tom!” Being a Christian defined this man. Am I brave enough to define myself this way?

I may not be brave enough to introduce myself at the next social function with “Hi, I’m Belinda, and I’m a Christian”, but all my actions and my conversation should declare it from the moment I walk in the room. My conversation should uphold all things that God treasures – my marriage, my children, my home, my relationships. Yes, it may include homeschooling, it may include scrapbooking, it may include writing but first and foremost I am what I am because of God and the relationships He has given me.

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Belinda Letchford
Living life with her kids in Australia!

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