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The Value of Motherhood - Live life with your kids - Issue 100
May 08, 2009
Hi there! ....

My week:
Another week has zoomed by – I have achieved one out of the three major projects I wanted to work on. Other things have happened and my heart needs to be content that time spent with my children, time teaching them, enjoying them, helping them are of far more eternal value than my to-do list.

It is Mother’s Day this weekend… so Happy Mother’s Day to my Mother. You are my best friend, you keep me focused on the important things in life, and you encourage me to stretch further and yet stay within the boundaries God has put there. I love you Mum!

Though we celebrate Mother’s Day in our house we do try and keep away from the commercialism that is so prevalent. I like to encourage my children to make a little gift, create a surprise or set aside some time to do something for me. These ‘little’ gifts come from their heart and help create a gentle day. Mind you, if a gift is being bought – chocolate is my favourite!!

Live life with your kids!

The Value of Motherhood

Unfortunately many of us have subtly bought the belief of today that says we need to have a job to be of value to society. From this belief (even if it is ever so subtle in our subconscious) we end up being frustrated because we are not being challenged or stretched and our gifts and talents are not being used. We find ourselves, even apologetically, saying “I’m just a mother.” What are we believing here?

  • Do we believe that our value comes from what we achieve today?
  • Do we believe that our value comes from our knowledge, our income, or possessions?
  • Do we believe that our value comes from recognition by our peers?

As a child of God I need to ensure that my thinking is in line with the thoughts of God.

  • What does He say about my life?
  • What are His plans for my days?
  • What are His rewards for me?

As we start to see our motherhood from God’s perspective, our heart will change, the old thinking will fall away, and we can be free to enjoy our days, as a mother.

Motherhood is important to God
The first relationship that God established was the marriage relationship and its purpose was to multiply. God’s first task to Adam and Eve was to fill the earth and subdue it. This means - to have a family, and to have control over our environment. Motherhood is important to God.

Our purpose is to bring glory to God
All that we do is to be done for the glory of God. God wants every aspect of our life to glorify Him – our family, our home, every relationship, and every activity.

We are created to be a mother
God created me for the task at hand. Not only did he create me woman, able to bear children but every gift and talent He created within me, can be used in my role as mother. It is my choice to use those gifts and talents to be a mother, or I can hanker for another expression.

What are the gifts and abilities God has given you?

Are you using them to enhance your family?

The Rewards of motherhood

The cultural normal is to demand, “What’s in it for me?” Is this our attitude? Are we looking for self-fulfilment, satisfaction and remuneration? Rather, we should have an eternal perspective on our tasks. What’s in it for God?

But God is a gracious and giving God and there are rewards for those who live their lives with Him and for Him. As a mother my eyes are on these two rewards. One, that at the end of my life my God will say “Well done good and faithful servant” and second, that my children will rise up and call me blessed, that they will rejoice in my choice to be a mother!

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Until next week

Belinda Letchford
Living life with her kids in Australia!

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