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Persuasiveness- Provoking another to Believe - Live life with your kids - Issue 098
April 24, 2009
Hi there! ....

My week:
This week was all about settling back in after being away for a week; catching up with my kids, catching up with friends. The conference was excellent. The theme was "Families of Fire; raising families on fire for Jesus." I came home with a fresh focus on the important things - things with eternal value!

Live life with your kids!

Character Notes
- Provoking another to Believe

When I begin to study a new character trait to present to my children it is easy to be focused on finding those little insights that will help change my child’s heart. Then I read this quote:

The most persuasive sermon
is the example which leads the way.
~ C.H. Spurgeon

That is the crux of the matter – it must be in my heart first. Before I can persuade my children to believe in God and to uphold the values that I hold onto I must be persuaded myself. The definition Character First uses gives us an glimpse of this truth.

Persuasiveness is convincing others
to follow God’s ways
because of how His ways
are working in our lives.

If we want to convince our children to love, honour and serve God we must be the sermon they hear, or rather see, day in and day out. Your children will see the things that you truly are – do those actions reflect what you believe? We can say all the right words, we can do the right things when we are out and about but what is truly in our hearts will show in our day to day living at home – right where our children see us!

Who do you believe?
You say you believe in God and yet are your actions changed by this belief?

Do you cry out for help from the almighty, powerful, loving God when things get sticky; when things get messy, noisy and chaotic around your home?

Do you give quick forgiveness to your spouse and to your children, knowing that you have been forgiven by God?

Do you turn your heart towards the needs you see in other people – your spouse, your children, your neighbour, your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ or is your life being persuaded by another set of values?

The world tells us that we are to look out for number one: that we are to make sure people treat us right, that we have our own space and freedom, that we need to be happy, that we need stuff (read clothes, books, curriculum, candles, technology – it is a never ending list!)

Who are we truly persuaded by?
The Word of God, the words of the World?

When we live our life being persuaded by the Word of God, then our children have a model to see, and to follow.

We are all missionaries …
wherever we go,
we either
bring people nearer to Christ,
or we repel them from Christ
~ Eric Liddell

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Belinda Letchford
Living life with her kids in Australia!

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