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Its all about Jesus - Live life with your kids - Issue 096
April 03, 2009
Hi there! ....

My week:
A highlight for me this week was to see my eldest, Joshua, step up and help organise a visiting ministry team. He had to liaison with 4 different people, all with their preferences and limitations. It was a delight to receive feedback on how well he did. I love it when our lifestyle gives our children the opportunities to develop skills that are often left to early adulthood. They are so able to do these things - if only they have the opportunity.

Live life with your kids!

Easter - It is all about Jesus

This coming week is the time that the Christian church takes time to specifically remember the death and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The expressions of this celebration (for I do see it as a celebration) has been over-taken by commercialism and the secular world. But it doesn’t have to be so in your family home.

As always Jesus wants our hearts – He wants our hearts changed – He wants our love – He wants our worship. These are the aspects that we can consider when we look at this coming week before Resurrection Sunday.

One of the principles that we try to parent by is to elevate the good. This means that we spend more time instructing on the positive side of things than we do in warning against the negative. At Easter, this means we spend more time focusing on Jesus than we do on the Easter Bunny and chocolate. It is important to keep Jesus elevated during this coming week. This may sound rather obvious and yet if we take a close look at our activities and our conversations is it really so?

The primary purpose of celebrations is to remember the deeds of the past and to teach our children. We need to use this coming week to teach our children what the Lord has done and how that affects them. We need to give opportunity for our children to respond to God – even if they have already made a commitment to follow Jesus, our children (just as we do) need regular times where they respond to God; to get their hearts right, to express their love.

Over the years I have found two primary sources of encouraging my children in the Lord:

  1. Intentional times of Instruction
  2. Devotional Living

Intentional times of Instruction
Family Devotions – This is where we read scripture, discuss it and pray. I do very little preparation for our devotion time – it is about hearing the word of God, and responding. It is a time when the children can hear my first responses to God (as a model), they learn to feel safe in sharing their own hearts and they can learn to pray aloud in a group.

Bible Study time – When we sit down for Bible Study I have a specific truth or concept that I want my children to learn from this lesson. My objective is short and to the point. I have resources and activities that support my objective that I have prepared earlier.

During the coming week I have the following lesson objectives:

  • Jesus coming was God’s plan from the beginning
  • The resurrection is only the beginning
  • What does the cross mean to me today?
  • God’s way is not my way – will I respond to God’s way
  • The Last Supper and Communion
  • The people Jesus met in his last week
Our objectives for our Bible study time need to be tailored to our family needs – when you look at my list of objectives, you need to remember that my children are older (10-16years old) and this will affect how we discuss these things.

Our lesson times is not about the lapbook or the notebook pages that we complete – though they will be worked on – it is more about the discussions and prayer that happen. Sometimes I find the children come back to me throughout the day and want to pray again – this is why we do lessons. Not so they have head knowledge but so their hearts are changed.

Devotional Living
Devotional Living is a phrase coined in Creative Family Times (Hadidian and Wilson) and I quote, “Devotional Living is when we use our everyday experiences to teach a spiritual truth.” You may need to pray for wisdom and insight here – what is going on in your day that, if you talked about it, your child would learn –

  • God’s love for them
  • Jesus’ death and resurrection
  • God’s forgiveness and new life

There are some craft and cooking activities that you can bring into your day that will give you a teaching opportunity. Instead of making hot cross buns make Resurrection Rolls, instead of giving Easter eggs give the Jelly Bean Poem. I encourage you to do these activities with your children – don’t make them independent activities for them to do by themselves, join in and take the opportunity to talk while your hands are busy.

Regardless of what is happening in the world around us we need to create our own family culture and for me and my house we will celebrate God’s love for us this week.

To read more about discipleship and Easter visit my Family Traditions / Easter page.

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Belinda Letchford
Living life with her kids in Australia!

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