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Too Busy? - Live life with your kids - Issue 095
March 27, 2009
Hi there! ....

My week:
No newsletter again last week! Sorry about that, my internet was down and though it was incredibly easy to fix I didn't know how! I set aside Saturday morning to do my newsletter and rather than rearrange other activities in my week to get it out, I decided to just let it go till today.

This week we have been busy practicing concert items for our local homeschool concert. This has become an annual event which everyone enjoys. Though the afternoon is more like a family party than a serious concert performance, our kids have been busy practicing a play and the girls have put together a few songs in honour of mums. We will finish the afternoon with a BBQ; it is a great way to kick start our homeschool co-op for the year.

Live life with your kids!

Too Busy?

Busyness seems to be a challenge we all face. We are all busy, and we like to tell people how busy our week has been. I know I am guilty of replying to “how are you?” with the simple response, “Busy!”

The bee is praised,
the mosquito is swatted.
It is not how busy you are,
but why you are busy.
- Unknown

How true this quote is – The questions needs to be asked:
Why are we busy?
What are we doing?

What is busyness?
According to the dictionary there are two aspects of busyness:

  1. Engaged in activity, as work; occupied
  2. Lively but meaningless activity.

Unless we are very clear about our priorities we will be busy with lively but meaningless activity. If we don’t have a vision about the tasks we are about then things seem pointless, repetitive and yes, we seem overloaded and busy.

What are our priorities?
We have so many facets to our life that it is hard to make one list of priorities; we tend to have priorities as a parent, as a homeschooler, as a business woman, as a church member, etc… I believe the more priorities we have, the less they become a priority. The vaguer our priorities are, the easier it is for our activities to become meaningless.

When we set our priorities it is good to remember the difference between important and urgent. The urgent so often wins – it is in our face, demanding our attention. And yet, the important things, they are the things we were created to do, the things that have eternal benefit, the things that makes God well-pleased.

Rejoice or Complain
If we know that we are spending our time on the important things, then we can rejoice in our busyness, it is not a wearisome task. We often use the phrase “busy as a bee” to describe all over the place busyness and yet, the bee is going about their purpose as God intended. They will have their reward – honey! We need to get a true understanding of the idea of busy. We can be busy and it be a good thing or we can be busy and it be a hindrance to God’s plan for our lives.

What are you busy about?
I know that in this season of my life my main priority is the well being of my family; their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and moral well being. Do I make this a priority? Am I busy looking after these aspects of our life? If so, then I need to rejoice in the activities that are required of me, instead of complaining about how ‘busy’ I am, because to be honest with that complaint comes the unspoken thought that it is pointless activity, that it is too much for me to handle, or that I want more out of life.

God gives us a task, and He gives us all that we need to complete that.

As you consider afresh how you spend your time, you may need to ask God for discernment to pare away the extras, the meaningless activity so that you can focus on the important.

You may need to ask God for His eternal perspective so that you can see the significance of the tasks He has you doing.

You may need to ask God for wisdom and courage to say no to things that are not priorities in your life today.

You may need to ask God for strength to get through your day but remember, God is faithful. To all who ask – it will be given to you.

Website Updates

I have just added a new page: Doing the Basics which fits in nicely with the theme of busyness.

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Until next week

Belinda Letchford
Living life with her kids in Australia!

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