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Resourcefulness - Live life with your kids - Issue 091
February 20, 2009
Hi there! ....

My week: I asked my children what was the best thing about their week – they couldn’t come up with anything! They said it was a good week but they have no idea why. I guess that means we had a pretty normal kind of week! I know I enjoyed seeing them play together. The girls have had two jigsaw puzzles on the go. They’ve played Monopoly together and listened to many audio stories. Nomi and Daniel have enjoyed the rain and playing with a raft in the irrigation channel. I guess it has been a good week.

I am nearly at the end of a focus month where I had two writing projects on the go. I am very excited to say, that I have just finished writing my first book, Heart Focused Parenting. My family has been wonderful this month giving me every opportunity to stay focused. It will be released after Easter.

Live life with your kids!

Character Notes

Wisely using the things
we have been given;
being good stewards

Over the last month we have been studying resourcefulness. The world is all about resourcefulness – recycle and careful use of the world’s limited resources, but we are starting to appreciate a deeper application. Yes, we have to look after the resources of the earth – land, water, air, minerals, animals and plant life- In fact, it was a part of God’s plan at creation – He told Adam to have dominion, to rule over, and to care for the creation. (Gen 1:28). But God has given us so much more – we are to be wise stewards of all that He has given us.

I would like to share some of the thoughts that we have been discussing in our family as we look at Resourcefulness.

Time is a limited resource – We have all been given 24 hours to use. We can use it wisely or we can waste it, but we can’t get any more than we’ve already been given. Having a purpose, which gives us step by step goals for each day, helps us to use our time wisely. It has been helpful to look at the habits we have that hinder us reaching our goals – these are timewasters!

Energy is a funny thing, we use up our energy and yet we can replenish our energy. We exercise and somehow we have more energy that day than if we reserved our energy and stayed in bed! We can drag our feet during chore time, the slower we go the more tired we feel or we can zip through our responsibilities and feel the sense of accomplishment and at the same time, be ready to do the next thing.

Ideas, the things our mind thinks of, can be used to solve problems and bless others. It is so easy in this day and age to throw money at problems. Instead, we need to use the resource of our mind, and think creatively about the problems we face – what is the best way to fix this? Can I think of another solution?

Talents are so often used for our own pleasure and yet, if we recognize that they are given to us from God, then it is our responsibility to use them to bring glory to God, and bless others. As parents we need to recognize, affirm and do all that we can to develop each of our children’s unique gifts and talents. If we think creatively, we will be able to find a real life application for each talent. Our children need to begin to see opportunities where their talents are able to bless God or others. The alternative is that we have children who are self absorbed in their own ability!

The last aspect is a little bit different but it has been a good lesson to learn:

The Holy Spirit is a ‘resource’ given to us by the Father. He was sent to teach us, remind us, help us, comfort us, pray for us, and is our advocate. We often read a couple of short stories from Hero Tales by Dave and Neta Jackson as a part of our character studies. And this month we read of George Washington Carver, Gladys Aylward and Sammuel Leigh (Missionary to Australia/New Zealand). These people were in tricky situations and the Holy Spirit gave them ideas, wisdom, and creative thought to help them solve their problems. We so often do things in our own strength this was a good reminder to rely on God.

Call to me and I will answer you
and tell you great and mighty things
you do not know.
Jeremiah 33:3

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