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A Humble Heart - Live life with your kids - Issue 088
January 23, 2009
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This week:

We are ready to go home!! We are on the tail end of our holiday and though it has been a fantastic time we are ready for home, familiarity and routine! We have had a very educational time – Creation Science family camp, visiting tourist spots such as the place where Ned Kelly was captured, and spending a week at Canberra visiting the War Museum, Questacon (hands on Science Expo), Old and New Parliament House. We are full on History, Politics and Science!! We will take the next month to revisit all that we have seen and heard in order to digest it all.

Live life with your kids!

Character Notes for Mum
A Humble Heart

Humility is building life around God and others
rather than around myself
- Power for True Success

There are many definitions for humility; in fact, it is a hard character trait to define. That maybe because it is so opposite to our culture in this day and age, we are simply not familiar with the idea!

Humility is recognizing the contributions of others’ to my life
and doing what is necessary to help others succeed.

Humility is an attitude of the heart – what you “think” or “believe” about yourself and that in turn will affect how you act and speak about yourself. Humility starts with our acknowledging that we are totally dependant upon God; He made us, He equips us and He enables us. When we recognise this truth we are on the way to seeing ourselves in the right light, seeing ourselves as God sees us.

There are attitudes that mums are prone too that I believe humility is a counterbalance:

  • The indispensable Mum
  • The know-it-all Mum
  • The indecisive Mum

How does humility affect these attitudes?

The Indispensable Mum believes in her heart that she can do it all – and she certainly tries to do so. This is arrogance. A humble Mum will be a part of a team – true, maybe a pivotal part, but a team player none the less. When we act like we are the only ones who are able to do the task properly we ignore gifts, talents and abilities in our children (or other people). We also miss the opportunity to develop these things in our children. As a team leader if we focus less on ourselves (our own goals, expectations) and more on others we have the opportunity to help them find success.

The know-it-all Mum is the Mum who because of her position of authority insists that she is always right. Once again this is arrogance. To have a humble heart we need to be quick to acknowledge that we make mistakes and are prepared to apologise and ask for forgiveness. We also need to be quick to say that we don’t know everything and are prepared to ask for help. This is not only a great model for our children from a learning perspective but also from a developing character perspective. Do we acknowledge who we are and where we are at, in a real and honest way to our children? Or do we act as if we have got it all together?

The Indecisive Mum is the Mum who wavers because she falsely believes that she is not equipped or able for the task ahead. To have a humble attitude doesn’t mean we don’t recognise our own talents and gifts. It means that we recognise our strengths, but are quick to recognise that they are God given and that other people have helped to develop them in us. Ignoring the things that we can do well, is limiting God’s work in us; instead we need to develop a thankful heart and be bold and confident in the things that God has enabled us to do.

By humility and the fear of the Lord
are riches, and honour and life
Prov 22:4

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Belinda Letchford
Living life with her kids in Australia!

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