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Don't forget their hearts - Live life with your kids - Issue 084
December 19, 2008
Hi there! ....

This week:

I have found it necessary to declutter my mind. I have asked myself what is important –
  • what is important to our spiritual celebration
  • what is important to our family celebrations
  • what is important for me to be peaceful?

Anything else that was on my to-do list needed to be decluttered!

Keep your spirit gentle,
Keep your house peaceful and
Keep your heart full of love.

There will not be a Live Life with your Kids Newsletter next week. Our family is going on holidays and I need to be with them, in heart, mind and body!

I hope that your heart is rejoicing this Christmas as it is a time to remember the miracle of Jesus, and all that He has done for you!

Live life with your kids!

Don't Forget their Hearts

Christmas, like many celebrations, becomes a busy time. There is much heart searching these days about how we celebrate, and the busyness that we surround ourselves with and how distracting that is. For a parent there is never a time where we shouldn’t have some awareness of our children’s hearts, and sad to say, Christmas time is a time where their hearts are sorely tempted.

We teach our children that Christmas is a time to celebrate and remember Jesus’ birth that made way for His death and resurrection. One of our favourite Christmas time stories is The Angel’s Story by Max Lucado which tells of a battle going on in the heavens as the evil one tries to hinder and destroy God’s plan for redemption. And yet, once again God wins! Though this is written as a fiction story, I believe there were attempts to thwart God’s plan – Herod killing all the babies for example. But Jesus came to earth and it was the beginning of God’s plan – one that He foretold at the beginning of time.

There is a continual battle going on for our children’s hearts as well and in the busyness, the distractions, the fun, the commitments etc that goes on in family life we need to be very aware and deal with these things as they show up in our kids hearts.

Selfishness, ungratefulness, and discontent are three of the strongest emotions that our children experience. This is fostered by the commercialism and materialism that is at the core of the secular celebration. As parents we have the opportunity to guard our children’s hearts and set the tone for the celebration that goes on in our own family. It need not be tainted by these self-centered inclinations.

There is no way we can change our children’s hearts ourselves but we can influence them; we can build around them an atmosphere that influences them towards good. We need to teach, train and expect that they will think of others, be thankful and content and then commend them when they make these heart choices.

Two things that we can do to set the atmosphere of love, thankfulness and contentment:

  1. We ourselves need to have these hearts attitudes showing in our own life. It is easy to say these things are important and yet, how we act impacts our children’s thinking far deeper than the words we say. Are our actions lining up with our words? Are our words reflecting our beliefs?
  2. We need to check our children when we see these negative behaviours starting to surface. Busyness is not an excuse to let our children walk in a way that is not right.

Teach us to number our days aright,
that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
May your deeds be shown to your servants,
your splendor to their children.
Ps 90:12, 16

I know that it takes time and energy to deal with our children’s hearts. We need to use our time wisely, never forgetting our responsibility towards our children, to lead them towards worshiping God in all their words, thoughts and actions. Read some thoughts on character training at Christmas time, especially the ones mentioned here.

My ebook – Restoring the Heart, Mind and Soul of Christmas is written as a guide to help you decide about your family traditions and to keep true to your heart. It is available for free download now.

You will find Lifestyle Homeschool thoughts on Christmas here.

Website Updates

Computers and Technology - Computers – parents either love them or hate them but often we are concerned about how much time our children spend on them! I believe we need to make a distinction between using our computers and associated technology for recreation or productivity.

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Until next week

Belinda Letchford
Living life with her kids in Australia!

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