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Giving God the Credit this Christmas - Live life with your kids - Issue 083
December 12, 2008
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Though I started with my Christmas planning way back months ago, I find myself 10 days or so out from Christmas and so much still to do. It has truly made me stop and ponder all that is clamouring for my time. Are the things that are on my to-do list important for our heart celebration on Christmas day? Are they important for the preparation leading up to that day? I doubt it very much.

Regular everyday life doesn’t stop just because we are planning a family celebration so there are still a lot of other things to do as well. I have started to look closely at the things that are on my to-do list. Are they helping me reach my goal for this time in our family life? Or are they time wasters, stocking fillers, things that distract me from the main thing. And Christmas, funnily enough, is not the main thing. My children’s hearts, regardless of the seasons of the year, the celebrations we plan, the events that happen are still my main thing. Do I have the time, do I have the energy left for my children’s hearts. And yet, even that question isn’t quite the right question – am I putting my children’s hearts above my preparation and to-do list? A challenging thought!

Live life with your kids!

Giving God the Credit this Christmas

One of the things I struggle with in making Jesus the center of my Christmas is my Christmas greetings. “Have a good Christmas!” seems so insignificant, and the cultural alternatives of “Happy Holidays” and “Seasons’ Wishes” just don’t even come into it! So how can I let the people that I meet down the street know that Jesus is the reason?

And whatever you do,
whether in word or deed,
do it all in the name of
the Lord Jesus
giving thanks to God the Father
through Him.
Col 3:17

It is through our words and deeds that we worship God. In a way it is easy to change our deeds – we can have a nativity scene as a focal point in our home, we can give our time to charities, we can sing Christian Christmas carols, we can put on a Christmas story play, we can do a lot of things but what about our words?

Every time we greet someone, every time we talk about our Christmas plans we have an opportunity to use words to glorify God, an opportunity to put Jesus back into Christmas conversations.

I personally like “Immanuel, God is with us” as a Christmas greeting but it sounds a bit pretentious and foreign especially when speaking to people who don’t celebrate Jesus. So I had to think further. I reflected back on Col 3:17, do it all in the name of Jesus, giving thanks…. That is it! Giving thanks. How simple it is to give thanks to God in our conversations. Notice I said simple, not easy!! It is a simple idea to slip in a thank you to Jesus while talking to the postman, the shop assistant, our neighbour.

When someone says to me, “Merry Christmas” I can return with “Happy Christmas to you too! Christmas is a great time to be thankful to Jesus!” I can then move into general chit chat having left a thought with them to ponder.

So I have found my Christmas greeting. Now I just have to be brave enough to use it!

My ebook – Restoring the Heart, Mind and Soul of Christmas is written as a guide to help you decide about your family traditions and to keep true to your heart. It is available for free download now.

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Belinda Letchford
Living life with her kids in Australia!

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