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Be Bold - Live life with your kids - Issue 069
August 29, 2008
Hi there! ....

This week:

Last weekend we headed off for our annual Homeschool Camp. Our theme was Pioneers and we particularly looked at the pioneers who established this region. I wrote about our camp on my blog.

Once we got back home though we flowed into our study routine. Joshua has discovered the joys of working with your body clock. He has always been an early morning person waking up with the sun. In the past he has spent this early morning time reading but he has decided there are benefits to getting straight into your responsibilities. He starts early and finishes early! He has enjoyed having “extra” time in the afternoon for his hobbies and interests. This is exactly what time management is all about – working with your responsibilities, your needs, your personal goals and keeping it all in balance.

Live life with your kids!

Character Notes for Mums

Be Bold....

The last few weeks we have been reading The Rebelution and discussing many of the articles over the dinner table. Their by-line “Do hard things” is a clear reminder to be bold.

Boldness is the fearless and daring courage to do what is right.

The Power for True Success, p. 43
Character First

Thanks to our homeschool camp, where the theme was Pioneers, we have been looking at the pioneers of this region. I asked myself what made them do hard things? What made them stick it out when things seems to be against them? There may well have been external motivations; they wanted land, they wanted gold etc but there were many an adventurer who also sought these things and didn’t stick it out. What made our pioneers do hard things?

I believe they had a daring courage, an attitude to face life and press forward to their goal. It is this daring courage, this fearlessness, even the idea of having a goal, which got them through. It was internal; a belief, a conviction, a strength of character.

Am I prepared to be Bold – to live my life with daring courage, without fear, as I make daily decisions to do what is right?

There are three aspects of being bold –

  • The boldness that comes when we face death
  • The boldness that is necessary to speak the truth
  • The boldness that we need to stand up and act right

Our heart, our words, our actions – all need to be girded by boldness.

My initial thoughts on being bold, when we face death, were in terms of persecution and not many of us are in that situation today. But I got to thinking some more – we all face death and we can be bold only because we know Jesus. This is true, for any aspect of our life – our boldness comes from knowing Jesus, knowing His heart, knowing His Word. We must build up our courage by standing on the Word of God today, not knowing what is ahead of us.

Being bold to speak the truth is more likely to be an everyday challenge:
  • We need to be bold when we are in situations where we have to defend ourselves; defend our belief, our actions and our family. When we are in these situations we need to remember that our boldness needs to be balanced with grace.
  • We need to be bold when we are in conversations about our world; the environment, the politics, the social structures etc. Our world view needs to be based on the Word of God, and we need to be confident in what we believe and why.
  • We need to be bold in our relationships; relationships with our children and with our friends. I am reminded of Jesus’ words to remove the log in our own eye before we worry about the speck in our brothers (or children’s). Ouch! We need to speak truth to ourselves before we speak truth to anyone else.

The third aspect of being bold, is to stand up and do what is right. Contrary to the philosophy that was rampant in the 80’s – if it feels good, do it – my life, my daily to-do list, my goals and plans need to be built on the principles of right living, of character, of the Word of God.
  • I need to be bold and stand against the things that distract me
  • I need to be bold and stand against my own flesh who often wants things the easy way
  • I need to be bold and stand up; be vocal, be visible, against the things that are wrong in this world
  • I need to be bold and be prepared to be the only one standing!

When we talk of being bold it is easy to put it off as a grand idea, a thing of the heroes of the past but we are all called to be bold. It is a character trait that is applicable to any person; any gender, any role in life, any circumstance of the day – so today, be bold!

Dare to be a Daniel
Dare to stand alone
Dare to have a purpose firm
Dare to make it known!

Philip P. Bliss

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