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Making Discipleship Lesson Plans - Live life with your kids - Issue 064
July 25, 2008
Hi there! ....

This week:

Last week we headed off as tourists – camping, bushwalking and sightseeing for 3 days, 4 nights! We went to the Bungle Bungles, one of the most recognizable locations of the Kimberley (Since I haven’t got to our photos yet, take a look at these). We have lived in the region for 16 years and had not seen these interesting rock formations up close (Peter flies over them all the time and had taken me for a flight a few years back – which is different than being on the ground.) Our excuse is that we were waiting for our children to be strong enough and interested enough in walking/hiking amongst rocks and spinafix. I am glad we waited as the kids really did enjoy themselves and were more than able to do the walks without a helping hand.

Camping is about more than just the sights though. It is about family team work, and having time to relax together, play together and talk together. Highly recommended!

Live life with your kids!

A Homeschool Thought

Making Discipleship Lesson Plans

Go as far as you can see,
and when you get there
you’ll see further.

The discipleship model of homeschooling is very similar to our own lives, being discipled either by a mentor or by the Lord himself. We are, or we hope to be, constantly changing; growing more and more like Jesus. Therefore our path is often unknown and the choices we make determine how long our journey.

I am reminded of a story I read in a devotional many years ago, it said something along these lines, that walking with God is like taking a drive in the country in the middle of the night. As you go up and over each hill your headlights shine in front of you showing the way and yet you can only see to the top of the hill. It isn’t until you reach the top that you can see over the other side. Scripture tells us that “thy word is a lamp unto my feet” and many times God’s Word only shows us the way to the top of the Hill – what is over the other side is yet to be illuminated.

We cannot separate our desire to disciple our children from our need and responsibility to know what lessons are ahead. And yet, we cannot know the needs, or the opportunities that will present themselves to our family in six months time. Truly lesson planning is an exercise where we walk in trust with God.

To disciple our child though isn’t about wafting from one opportunity to another. No, it is about being purposeful and intentional, to know where we want to go and how we are going to get there. Discipling our children is taking the lead and instructing and training them in the areas of their whole life; their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and moral beings.

Such a goal certainly needs planning.

A plan is a list of actions arranged
in whatever sequence
is thought likely to achieve an objective.

~ John Argenti,
author and founder of the Strategic Planning Society

I particularly like the wording of this quote, “...thought likely to achieve an objective”. This is a key idea – our plans are just that, plans. There is nothing holding us to our plans – other than our sense of responsibility. Our plans are what we feel is likely to achieve an objective, but things may well change!

I plan lessons approx. every 6 weeks. At the beginning of the year though I look at the Discipleship Scope and Sequence Chart and ask myself what is the most important lesson in each category, for each of my children to learn. This isn’t a science; this is based on my mother’s heart. I know my children and what we desire for them. I then consider this list and choose what is viable and likely to be covered in the coming year. I refer to this list during my lesson planning times throughout the year, ensuring that we are aiming for the important things in our children’s lives, rather than responding to the pressures and presumptions of society.

This is where we need to be flexible – remember the headlights? We can only see so far. At the beginning of the year it may seem as if such ‘n such a lesson is paramount and yet by the time mid-year comes around maybe that isn’t so important any more. Maybe life has taught the lesson, maybe life has given a different perspective. So this list needs to be fluid; growing and changing with our children. This is the beauty of discipleship – we are living with our children, we know them, we see the changes in them, and can respond accordingly.

When I read this closing quote I couldn’t help but think that maybe God might say this to me ...

“Bad planning on your part does not
constitute an emergency
on my part.”

Regardless of the value I place on planning, or the effort I put into planning, the education of my children is not dependent on my planning; rather it is dependent on my reliance on God and my obedience to the things He requires of me. He is in control!

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I would like to highlight this article as it is also relevant as we consider lesson plans. What is Success?

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