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Are you a Coward? - Live life with your kids - Issue 061
July 04, 2008
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This week:

This week as we continue to focus on our creative projects (one week to go!) I am reminded again of the benefit of seasons. Seasons come and go, they bring with them unique opportunities and if we don’t grab the opportunity now, we cannot replicate it during the next season. We cannot go to the beach in the winter! The beach is for summer, warm fires is for winter.

I am handling this Creative Season better this year than any year past, and yes, we have had this season for 10 years! I seem to be a slow learner! This year I looked at my calendar and plotted in the seasons that I knew would be coming our way. Major projects and events that happen in our family life every year I plotted in and allocated time for. I knew my children were going to be learning through these seasons so I considered them a part of my overview plan for the year. This has helped tremendously as we go through this creative season – the kids are hardly touching their books, but the learning that is going on is huge and I know their education is growing.

Have you considered the Seasons of your family life, and accounted for them as a part of your child’s education?

Live life with your kids!

Be a Deliberate Parent
Are you a Coward?

For God did not give us a spirit of cowardice,
but rather a spirit of power and of love and of a sound mind.

2 Tim 1:7

We often hear this verse using the word “fear”; God has not given us a spirit of fear. Sometimes we can gloss over a scripture we are familiar with and think that it doesn’t apply to us right now, at this moment. But when we use a different translation it often helps us dig deeper into our lives and be honest. God did not give me a spirit of cowardice. Is there cowardice in my life?

Col 2:6, 8 goes on to say

As you therefore have received
Christ Jesus the Lord,
continue to live your lives in Him.
See to it that no one takes you captive through
philosophy and empty deceit,
according to human tradition
according to the elemental spirits of the universe,
and not according to Christ.

This verse is encouraging us to keep our eyes on Jesus, on His truth, and to guard our minds from the philosophies of the world and the teaching that says we have it within us to do it by ourselves.

I was so encouraged as I looked into some of these words and found that when Paul writes to Timothy and says that God hasn’t given you a spirit of fear he was actually talking about Timothy’s rational soul. This fear, or cowardice, isn’t anything spooky, nothing that needs to be cast out but rather he is talking of the soul, or imagination, that allows fear, negative thoughts, and timidity to creep into and take over rational thinking. It is our rational thinking that directs our choices. Paul went on to say that God has given this ability for rational thinking to be controlled by power (that is the power of God’s Word), love (the thinking of other people) and sound mind (a mind that is disciplined and focused on truth).

In this passage Paul is encouraging Timothy to take up his responsibilities that God had given him. It appears that Timothy was prone to timidity; this brings pictures of procrastination, of doubt and distraction. Paul is reminding him that God has equipped him with everything that he needs to do the task before him. The same goes for us.

God has equipped us with all that we need for the tasks ahead of us – be it our responsibilities as wife, mother, homemaker, homeschool mum etc. Whatever role God has asked of you He has given you, as he gave Timothy – power, love and a sound mind.

We must not let the lies of this world rob us; make us cowardly, for the things God has called us to.

Website Updates

I have reorganised the Mum’s Support Corner hoping to make this easier to navigate and find topics of interest and help to you. Please visit and get involved by leaving a comment or asking a question.

Two new pages:
Writing for a purpose - It is important to have a purpose for writing and an audience to appreicate your effort. Here is a list of family-friendly, naturally created audiences.

I have answered a email question in the Mum’s Support Corner - How do you use Discipleship with your Curriculum?

Write your own page at Lifestyle Homeschool! Simply tell me the Learning Activities that are going on in your house as you live life with your kids! As we hear stories from other families it helps us to relax and let life be a part of our education plan.

My Sitemap is a quick reference to all you will find on Lifestyle-Homeschool. I encourage you to have a browse around!

Keep up with future additions with the Lifestyle Homeschool Blog throughout the week.

Until next week

Belinda Letchford
Living life with her kids in Australia!

Contact me: If you have any comments, questions or content ideas I'd love to hear from you. Make your comment here.

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