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Your Heritage - Live life with your kids - Issue 053
May 09, 2008
Hi! ....

This week:

I think the highlight for this week was Wednesday – where we stayed at home, all by ourselves and enjoyed a lovely relaxing, productive, quiet afternoon! It was in direct contrast to many other days this week, and last week which has been full of activity and commitments. I am reminded of the bumper sticker that says, “If I am a stay-at-home mum why am I always in the car!” The inference for homeschoolers is obvious! It is nice to be home!

We started digging our veggie patch early in the week but didn’t get too far so we must finish that this coming week and get our seedlings in.

Josh turned 15 this week past – how the time has flown. Birthdays remind me very poignantly to ... Live life with my kids!

Be a Deliberate Parent
Your Heritage

Sooner or later we all
quote our mothers

~Bern Williams

Have you had that experience where you say something, and then it hits you “That sounded like my mother!” I have. I have had to wonder though if that was a good thing or a bad thing? Culturally we assume that it is a bad thing and we wonder at the genetics that would make that happen! But in God’s economy I believe it can be a good thing.

In light of this Sunday being Mothers Day, this newsletter is dedicated to my Mum….

Happy Mothers Day, Mum

Over the years what have you learnt from your mother and are you passing it onto your children?

I am sure that my mother taught me many things; practical things and spiritual things. But when I paused this week to actually write a list, these are the things that came to mind:

  • to think and question things
  • to progressively work through the task at hand
  • to be hospitable
  • to love books
  • to be my husband’s partner
  • she also taught me to make my bed every morning but I must admit this one didn’t get through too well!!

There are lessons that I specifically remember my mum toiling over with me. There are particular qualities that I feel I possess because of my mother. The challenge for me today, as a mother myself, is firstly, what am I passing on to my children, and secondly am I intentionally passing on these good things my mother gave me?

One of the things that Peter and I have been very aware of is our heritage and in particular our Christian heritage, on both sides of our family. This is not something just to sit on the shelf, so to speak, and be proud about; it is something that gives a sense of responsibility. We must build on this heritage. You may not feel the same though as it is an unfortunate thing that this world does not always walk in God’s intended ways and you may feel that the heritage you received from your mother is not what you wish for your children at all.

The good news is that God begins afresh for each of us – God is a redeeming God, a God of new days, of new heritages! If you don’t have a natural mother that has given you a model to follow I encourage you to find a spiritual mother – a spiritual mother who is able to be an example and input in your life, in both spiritual and practical issues of life. Search for her, and bless her this weekend! I am reminded of Esau and Jacob’s mother – she influenced them for bad. She was deceptive and did not walk in God’s ways. But God is bigger than that. God had promises for both these boys caught up in their mother’s scheming ways. God is a big God.

So the next time you quote your mother, or that tone in your voice or wagging of the finger, reminds you of your mother – thank the Lord for her input in your life, and maybe even pick up the phone and thank her – whether it is mothers day or not!

Website Updates:
This week I have added Be a Good Listener. The skills of listening are applicable in both relationship building and study areas of our life.

My My Sitemap is a quick reference to all you will find on Lifestyle-Homeschool.

Keep up with future additions with the Lifestyle Homeschool Blog throughout the week.

Until next week
Belinda Letchford
Living life with her kids in Australia!

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