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Good, Better, Best - Live life with your kids - Issue 045
February 29, 2008
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This week:

As I mentioned last week the kids and myself are in Victoria going through intensive Speech Therapy sessions with Daniel. They have been so very beneficial – it is so exciting to see the huge gains he is making – there are changes every day with his reading, pronunciation and language.

The other children are balancing a little study with keeping the homefires burning and having fun with the grandparents. We have visited my absolutely favourite craft shop. The girls and I had a ball choosing a couple of projects to work for the coming year. We have caught up with cousins and friends.

Tomorrow Josh spends the day with his grandfather visiting a man who has a model train set up (which is a hobby Joshua dabbles in himself). The day will be a great opportunity for Josh to spend time with his grandfather, as they drive across the other side of the city, to talk and hopefully listen and learn. We are very aware of the importance of the older generation imputing into the younger.

Live life with your Kids!

Be a Deliberate Parent

Good Better Best

There are three women that are mentioned in the Bible only as their influence on the younger generation – they influence future leaders. They were King Limmuel’s mother – they are her words in Prov. 31. Then Paul highly recommended Timothy’s mother and grandmother, Lois and Eunice for the character and faith that they instilled into Timothy while he was on their laps.

In the Bible, God puts a fairly heavy expectation on the leaders in His Church – In order to be a leader in the New Testament Church one had to be of exemplary character. I would like to draw the parallel between the leaders of the church and the leaders of the home. As parents, working as a team, leading our family towards worship of God we have a public ministry to our family. This role will have you teaching your children, encouraging them, guiding them and serving them. You need to be of high character to maintain this standard. Remember the eyes of our children are upon us – do they say to themselves, as they look at us “this is what I want to be like”?

I like the terms Good, Better and Best to help me see where I am aiming. My behaviour needs to be not only good, or even better but the best as I guide my children to the same standard.

What is the best?

In the story of Mary and Martha (and I adapt it from the ME TOO series, Good Better Best.) Jesus was coming for a visit so the girls got cleaning and cooking in preparation for their friend’s visit. They scrubbed and polished – Martha wanted the house not only to be clean but the cleanest house in town. Martha loved to cook for people – some people are good cooks, some are better cooks but Martha wanted to be the best cook of all.

When Jesus arrived Mary was so excited to Jesus she forgot all about getting that extra bit of polish on the furniture and the parsley in the salad, she greeted him and made him feel welcome. She sat with him and talked with him, which was just what he needed after his journey and all that he had been doing in the week past. Mary was happy to know Jesus, she was happier when he was in her home but she was the happiest when he was talking about God.

But Martha was busy. She found her self even busier because she was doing it all herself. She believed herself to be the busiest person around! She wanted Mary to come and help but Mary was happy listening and talking to their visitor. At first Martha got a little angry, then as she kept working she got angier then she was the angriest she had ever been. She decided to speak up.

She demanded that Jesus send Mary to help her finish the meal preparations. She accused Mary of leaving all the work to her and it just wasn’t fair! Jesus understood Martha – as he understands us all even when we are showing our worst! He understood her desire to have a nice meal ready for him in a clean house but he encouraged Martha to look at it a different way. He wanted to spend time with his friends. He explained to Martha that Mary had actually chosen the best thing.

Working is good
Learning about God is better
Being with Jesus is best of all.

What can we learn from this story? How often we rush around doing the practical, the urgent and ignore the Best – the heart.

It is good to have a daily quiet time or daily devotions
It is better to spend time meditating, praying and reading the Word
It is best to commune with God all day and in all situations.

It is good for me to have planned our daily lessons
It is better for me to be flexible and patient with my children
It is best for me to make room for my children’s hearts, regardless of lesson plans

It is good to have a clean house
It is better to have the children cleaning the house
It is best for the children to learn that we worship God in all we do, even cleaning the house

It is good to have a daily routine
It is better to have order in our home
It is best to have a peaceful home

Don’t settle for good as you push God out to deal with the daily urgent. To aim for the BEST in all our actions we need a focus on God, and having Him in our heart first.

Website Updates

This week on Lifestyle Homeschool the following additions have been made:

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You can stay up-to-date with any new additions to my website by visiting Lifestyle Homeschool Blog throughout the week.

Or browse Lifestyle Homeschool by using My Sitemap to find an article of interest.

Until next week

Belinda Letchford
Living life with her kids in Australia!

Contact me: If you have any comments, questions or content ideas I'd love to hear from you. Make your comment here.

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