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Working on Mother - Live life with your kids - Issue 043
February 15, 2008
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We have all been struggling with the flu this week – sore throats and the snuffles but we did get some things done.

I was pleased to get the goal setting for Josh and Jess’ study for this year finalised. Considering their ages, we wanted to have recorded goals for them this year. We also wanted them to be time specific (to have a completion date) but at the same time allow the “interruption” of life and family to continue to be a part of their education. It is a very fine line to tred as once you set goals down, and write them on paper they soon become a driving force. This can work for your good, motivating you to stay on track or it can deter you from placing relationships first. Hopefully we can walk the line this year.

The other highlight was our read aloud. Reading Aloud to our family has been a bit of a hit and miss thing lately. I have found it tricky to find a story that has suited the different ages and the even wider abilities. We have been reading Pharaoh by Jackie French (with a few edits as we read along) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Tonight we sat for close to 2hours to finish the story. I know many families do this daily but for us this was a major event. Friday night is usually movie night, but the cricket was on (a must-see for our boys) but the story won, hands down, even over the cricket!!

Working on Mother

So often we see ourselves as “just a mother”. In fact, often we are made to feel that “just a mother” doesn’t have real value in our society.
Read here, of a story, that has circulated via email, where a mother invented a new, socially acceptable title for herself. We can chuckle, we know the feelings and yet we know motherhood is more than “just” a job.

But we are more than mothers. We are made up like a puzzle ball, many pieces, all touching, all interlocking, and as those pieces work together the whole is made. I am a woman, a child of God, a wife, a homemaker, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend. I have roles in business, in the community and in the church. I am a complex being – just as you are!

Are you achieving all you want to in your day? Does your life have balance? Or does one aspect of your life gain all your attention?

I have found that just like I organize the training of my children through various categories of our life these very same categories that help me see balance and perspective in my life as well. (This is, after all, why they are considered lifestyle categories for our children!)

I encourage you to look at each one of these areas from the perspective of your own life and write down the things that first come to your mind – things you like, things you want to change. You will then be on the way to setting goals and priorities for the “you” part of you.

Even when we put relationships first there is an order that is right

How do go at making these priorities fit into your day?

What comes to your mind when I say Responsibilities, what are they for you?
Or maybe you think of

I believe that each one of us is made to be creative (we are made in the image of the Creator God – we can’t create from nothing but we can be creative, which is a characteristic of God). Do you make time for your creative abilities? It doesn’t have to be arty or crafty – my four children all express different aspects of creativity. Joshua’s creativity is in his use of words – writing or thinking. Jessica enjoys music and has creative outlets around the home. Nomi’s is more artistic – dramatic and for entertainment. Daniel builds and thinks photography. They are all different; please don’t say you don’t have a creative bone in your body just because you don’t conform to the normal understanding of creativity.

Body, Soul and Mind:
Do you allow time to grow in these areas?
  • To exercise to keep your body strong and healthy.
  • To enjoy music or a hobby to feed your soul.
  • To read to feed your mind

What are the things that you need to change around your place to allow some change to happen?

When I had two little children it dawned on me that I was in total control of my days. I had no boss, no deadlines, no customers to please – my day was my own. I know on the days that I felt “down” that this was hard to see – it felt like maybe the children or my circumstances where in control. But it was my choice, and always is my choice on how I spend my days. I can spend them being grumpy, I can spend them being cross, or I can spend them rejoicing at the many blessings that I have around me.

As my heart starts to focus on the blessings I start to organize my day, give myself the time I need to take a walk, read a book, make a phone call. I start to think creatively on how to solve “problems” in my day that limit these things. I start to structure my day so that my children can be trained which will in the long run give me that extra little bit of time to dig deeper during my Quiet Time, exercise for that extra 10 minutes, or read a whole chapter in one sitting rather than just a paragraph at a time!

So as you reflect over the different aspects of your life, do you know the projects that need your attention in your life this year? We all have 24 hours in our day – we can choose how we spend each hour – is it effective, is it efficient, productive and purposeful?

As I have considered this year, my heart has been drawn back to Prov 31. Verse 11 & 12 keep coming to the fore of my mind.

The heart of her husband safely trusts her;
So he will have no lack of gain.
She does him good and not evil
All the days of her life.

This is my goal for 2008 – I want that!

Website updates and Blog:

I am very excited about the new section on my website –
Lifestyle Homeschool Virtual Retreat. Several weeks ago I ran a homeschool mum’s retreat here in our town. It was such an encouraging time I thought it would be great to have that type of support online.

Now I know there is all sorts of support groups online, the internet has been a major source of my own learning curve when I took on homeschooling.

Lifestyle Homeschool is all about encouraging mums, families, to look at their whole life, their lifestyle, and disciple their children. With this in mind I have opened the doors to Lifestyle Homeschool Virtual Retreat.
Please do pop in for a visit, ask a question, share a thought.

You will find the following sessions: Heart to Heart, How-to Workshops, Guest Panel, Top Tips Session, and a place just to chat to other mums, the Coffee Shop!

Most of these sections are interactive, you can easily ask questions, answer questions posted by other readers, share your stories and experience – and each time you do you help another homeschool family in their desire to disciple their children.

I’d love to have you join our Retreat! New articles this week:

You can stay up-to-date with any new additions to my website by visiting Lifestyle Homeschool Blog throughout the week.

Or browse Lifestyle Homeschool by using My Sitemap to find an article that answers your family situation.

Until next week

Belinda Letchford
Living life with her kids in Australia!

Contact me: If you have any comments, questions or content ideas I'd love to hear from you. Make your comment here.

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