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I am fearfully and wonderfully made - Live life with your kids - Issue 041
February 08, 2008
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Welcome to Live life with your Kids Newsletter!

As I mentioned last week Pete and I headed off for a Planning Time last week. Though the kids came too, our goal was to spend as much time as possible talking, just Pete and me! We clarified dreams, set goals and talked and talked and talked. We invited the kids to share their thoughts and opinions in one or two areas which was invaluable family time. It was very encouraging to see the children take hold of values that we hold dear to. The children thoroughly exhausted themselves, daily, in the swimming pool. Their swimming improved greatly. We came home pumped and ready to go!

Read more about finding a vision and setting goals for your family.

Using Life as a Resource
Medical Situations

Never is there a time in our life where I want the world to stop so we can “homeschool” as when we are inundated with health issues. There are seasons in our life where we have one appointment after the other. Between all 6 of us, caring for our whole body can be a time consuming effort.

Medical situations are full of learning opportunities if we can just pause, take a breath, and make the most of it. No doubt you have plenty of your own family stories to tell but here are some situations from our family and friends:

Medical Conditions:
When our 3rd child was a baby she had a tumor on her kidney which was removed (kidney and tumor) and then she had 5 months of Chemo. For many years after she has suffered with scar tissue complications. This of course isn’t as life threatening but it has certainly affected our life more than the initial situation. The first lesson that was learnt in our family was to pull together as a family. This health issue wasn’t just Nomi’s it was everyone’s. We all had to do our bit to help Nomi get through the times of pain.

Colds, Flus, Viruses, Chicken pox and Measles, Tonsillitis and Ross River Virus, the list is endless. When our children are sick they are not at all receptive to a lesson on the human body and the systems that keep us healthy but… there is a hands-on lesson so to speak once everyone is better again. The body is an amazing thing and there is so much to learn. We don’t have to do a great big unit on “the Human Body” but rather, when the opportunity arises, do a short lesson such as take a look through a “Body Book”, and believe me the children will have plenty of questions to take you to all sorts of places!

New Baby in the House:
It has becoming more and more understood in homeschool circles that a new baby in the house is a curriculum wrapped in a soft blanket! If you are in this situation I encourage you to take the time your family needs to adjust to this new addition and believe me your older children will learn. You have the opportunity to discuss marriage, and babies as a blessing (always remembering your child’s innocence and purity). You have the opportunity to visit in the hospital and that in itself is often an eye opener. There are always people far worse situations than you are – a visit to the hospital, even on a joyous occasion such as a new born baby, helps bring things into perspective.

Dentists and Optometrists:
Seeing specialists for various concerns is a perfect opportunity for learning about our bodies because often we are not that sick when we have to see these people. We may be in pain, or have a problem but often it is maintenance and repairs rather than a serious sickness. Dentists are generally very keen to talk to children about their oral hygiene and to let them have a practice in the dental chair. Optometrists are fascinating with all their goggles and lights. Chiropractors have big charts of muscles and bones. Physio departments have really cool exercise equipment and the list goes on. Involve your children not only to care for the person who is hurt or needing these specialists but encourage them to understand the problems being presented and the solutions that these specialists are offering. As our children understand solutions to the problems they see their family members go through they will be able to step up and take care of their own bodies.

Emergency Department:
You can go to the Emergency Department for all sorts of interesting situations – from broken bones to marbles stuck up the nose, from a gash in your leg to a broken collar bone, from a high temperature to an asthma attack. Just sitting in an ED waiting room is an education in itself. I remember one time we were waiting and the ambulance came in three times – obviously our needs were far less important. It was a good time to pray for these very sick people who needed the doctor’s full attention.

In conclusion:
The best way I have found to take hold of these opportunities is to have a good “body book” on your shelf. Bit like a Bird Book – when you see a bird you go to the book and check it out. If you are into nature journaling, your copy-draw the bird, label it and record where you saw it. Studying the body is just like that. When you have an awareness of a part of your body go look in a book, read the relevant section and if you want to notebook it!

In taking these opportunities to talk to our children, rather than feel pressured that we are not "doing" enough, our children will not only have the gentle lessons of the Human Body but there will be opportunity to learn:

  • to care for the sick
  • to pray for the sick,
  • about healing alternatives
  • about the medical system our country has
  • and so forth

I praise You because I am fearfully
and wonderfully made;
Your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.

Psalm 139:14

Books that may work for you:
The Body Book (Grades 3-6) I like this type of interactive book.

The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body (Magic School Bus) We love Magic School Bus – actually it is the core of our primary level Science.

Website updates and Blog:

This week I added two articles to my website –
  1. My Dad, My Teacher - Does Dad teach in your homeschool? Maybe maybe not. When you look at homeschooling another way you will see Dad, regardless of his work schedule, has a lot to offer your education efforts.
  2. Scientific Method, Conversations with Science - Science, God’s World and how it works, can be as simple as having a conversation with your children, while keeping in mind the simple process of the Scientific Method.

You can keep up-to-date with any new additions by visiting Lifestyle Homeschool Blog throughout the week.

Or browse Lifestyle Homeschool by using My Sitemap to find an article that answers your family situation.

If you would like to see some photos of what is going on in our home, visit my Homeschool Blogger blog Belinda's Notes such as our play in the "snow" Top-End Tropics style.

Until next week

Belinda Letchford
Living life with her kids in Australia!

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