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Teach from your Heart - Live life with your kids - Issue 038
January 11, 2008
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This week we have resumed most independent studies; Math, Phonics, History, Science for the older two. Bringing a little study time back into our days makes our days tick over nicely. It is such a joy to walk into the family room and see all the children fitfully occupied. Of course, it hasn’t all been book work; Daniel has discovered Macarno (metal construction kit with nuts and bolts), there has been plenty of controversy with the cricket for Josh to follow, the girls have worked on their scrapbooks, and Daniel is in his element helping Grandad build a chook house.

I have spent my time working on our goals and plans for the coming year. It started off with a parent/child conference with Josh – something that just kind of happened and yet in the middle of it I realized how important this was – he is growing up and we need to include him in our planning a lot more than we did in years gone by.

Which is just a reminder of how quickly the years do slip by – it was but yesterday when we started this parenting journey!

Live life with your kids!

Resources in our Life

Teach from Your Heart

This week I updated my daily devotions pages and have resumed our family devotional study as well. So it is only timely that this newsletter looks at using our Devotions as a resource in our life.

One morning this week, as I started to bring our thoughts towards our topic, “being a peacemaker”, Josh shared with us a verse that he had read earlier in the morning. Immediately I knew that it was the verse for us to study and ponder for that morning. It was such an encouraging time – not only was the Word of God quickened to our hearts but our son is hearing from God and applying the Word to his life and being brave enough to share it with others.

It does take courage to speak from your heart. I know this because for many years God has gently encouraged me to teach my children from my heart. I listen to His voice, I teach for a while, from the things on my heart – no set curriculum, no purchased lessons plans – just the lessons God has taught me I teach my children. But somewhere along the way, I forget and get sidetracked and start following someone else’s heart, learning from someone else’s journey.

It isn’t that I don’t use resources – Bible study outlines, Bible study Resources, Devotionals and the like – they are there to help me dig deeper and once I do dig deeper into God I need to pass it onto my children. I encourage you, don’t feel intimidated, don’t feel like you can’t teach your children. God has equipped you with everything you need to do the job ahead of you.

Let no one despise your youth,
but be an example to the believers
(your children)
in word, in conduct, in love,
in spirit, in faith, in purity.
…Give attention to reading,
to exhortation, to doctrine.

1 Tim 4:12-13

In the next few weeks we will be resuming our Bible Study lessons – and it is a timely thing for me to be reminded of – teach them from your heart.

What is on my heart? That is a good question. I need to empty my heart from man’s thinking and focus only on what the Lord calls me to do. One of the resources that I get constantly pulled towards is one that lists all the doctrine that a child “should” know at such and such an age and though I have found it to be helpful it is also a distraction. God knows my children’s hearts, better than I do. He also knows my heart. He can and will direct my path as I start to plan what to teach my children.

What does God require of me? He requires me to learn of His ways, He requires me to teach my children. This means I need to be learning, studying, growing and in doing so have plenty of truth to pass onto my children.

Website Updates

This week I have updated the Personal Devotions section with the following pages:

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Until next week

Belinda Letchford
Living life with her kids in Australia!

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