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Love is a doing word - Live life with your kids - Issue 017
August 20, 2007
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Welcome to Live life with your Kids Newsletter!

I am sorry this week's newsletter is late - I do hope you get time to read it. My server was down since Friday afternoon. The one good thing that came from that is that I had a mostly computer free weekend!

The last week we had our Moderator's visit which went well. For the first time I used my own scope and sequence in reporting our goals and progress. This was along the lines that you find on my website, Lifestyle Homeschool - Relationships first, Responsibilities and then Academics. It was good to be able to be ourselves and yet still satisfy the outcomes she was looking for.

It was a good discipline to sit down and look over what we have achieved and what goals we want to set for the next six months as we ....

Live life with our kids

Now for this week’s portion of the newsletter…
Character Thoughts for Mums

Love is a doing word

We talk of showing Love nearly automatically that sometimes I think it is good to stop and pause and really think it through. What is Love? Am I showing it?

The first little note that I saw when I started collating my notes on Love was the little phrase: Love is a doing word.

So if we are to have love in our lives, we should be doing it. 1 Cor 13 gives a very complete list of what love should look like if we are doing it.

I’d like to list just a few for us Mums to think about

Love is Patient
Love is Kind
Love is Hoping

Patience The definition of patience is that we accept difficult situations without giving a deadline to remove it. (Character First)

This means when a child is learning to read (the difficult situation) we are patient with the child, without giving him/her a deadline to learn to read!

This means that when we are training a child in cleaning the bathroom bench (the difficult situation) we are patient with the child, and we don’t give him/her a deadline to get it right. We are patient; we keep training – keeping an eye on the goal but not insisting that it be done according to our timeline!

Love is Patient.


I think of words like compassion and gentleness when I think of Kindness. To be kind is to help people in need, to be sensitive to their feelings, to think how our actions affect others. (Character First)

To be Gentle is to support others during their times of weakness. Isn’t this exactly where our children are, day in and day out? They have weaknesses; they can’t do things yet. They can’t make wise decisions, they don’t have self control, they can’t do their math. It is our role as mums to get along side and be gentle, to support them during this time. Harshness is the opposite of gentleness. We need to watch our words and our tone when we are with our children as our words so often betray our heart, by coming out harsh.

Love is Kind.


My friend told me of a definition for Hope that has struck a cord. Hope - To anticipate with delight. Can we look at each of our children and feel a sense of anticipation rising, is that anticipation delightful? We need to find that hope for each of our children.

To anticipate something with delight doesn’t mean that all is going to be plain sailing – but it does mean that as we look at the future we are excited, we have hope.

When we are in the midst of a despairing situation, maybe learning difficulties, maybe relational conflicts it becomes hard to anticipate with delight any change in those circumstances. But that is the very situation that requires love – remembering love is a doing word. To put our love into action, to let our children see that regardless of the hard stuff I believe in you, I believe that you have great things ahead of you.

I have great hope for you, I love you!

Have you read my article, God's Plan hidden in your Mother Heart ? It fits with finding hope for our children.

We are very familiar with 1 Cor 13 as a love chapter, but I encourage you to go and read it with your role as parent in your mind and the object of your love being your children. I have personalised this passage of scripture for homeschoolers. Free pdf download.

Love is a very basic character trait to teach to our children. If there was to be a short cut to our training our children, and I am sure there's no such thing but if there was, it would be by teaching them to love. Love is all about relationships and our responses to people and when we train our children in these areas we often deal with the root causes in their hearts. Read more on my Character-Notes-Love page.

My Lifestyle Homeschool Blog is where I post my thoughts and ideas as they come to me. These thoughts may well be found on my website at some stage, but for now they are on my blog.

Thoughts on

  • Open House – be introduced to my family and our homeschool
  • Devotions with Young Children We can start our children on a habit of focusing on their relationship with God from a young age.
  • Finding Learning Value in our Family Life This week I was asked to write an article for Homeschoolblogger's Front Porch.
Read more on my Lifestyle Homeschool Blog.

Until next week.

Belinda Letchford
Living life with her kids in Australia!

Contact me: If you have any comments, questions or content ideas I'd love to hear from you. Make your comment here.

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