Character Notes - Courage

In this day and age, the character trait of Courage is needed as much as any other era of history. There are many role models in the Bible as well as heroes in history, to help with these lessons.

Not letting fear get in the way
of doing the right thing.

How to decide what is the right thing to do

  • Do I know what the Bible says about his, What would Jesus do?
  • Is my conscious talking – the little voice inside me?
  • What would my parents think about this? What would other adults I respect think?
  • Could it hurt anyone – including me?
  • Does the Golden Rule apply? What would I feel like if someone else did this?

What if I choose the wrong thing?

This is a great opportunity to recognise a weakness in yourself and to learn to do better next time. Children can only make moral judgements after their moral warehouse has been stocked with what is right and wrong (and the moral reason why). That being considered, when they make a wrong call (and they will, as we still do!) it is an opportunity to acknowledge an area of need.

  • Review the moral standard, why this is right/wrong
  • Review consequences
  • Review Forgiveness - and walk through it
  • Discuss what needs to be learnt and learn from it for next time!

Homeschool Desk Opportunities

As we learn about a character trait, such as Courage,in our daily life, we also have many opportunities to interact academically with what we are learning.

  • Write a letter to someone you know who did the right thing. Thank them for being courageous.

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