Character Education

Character Education takes a priority in our day as we homeschool our children. True character development is what Discipleship is all about - it gets to the heart of a person.

When you show character,
people begin to respect you...
After time, that respect grows into trust...
After time, that trust builds a relationship...
When you have relationships with people
you have influence into their lives...
Influence is leadership.

I want my children to be leaders in their lives.

Deut 28:13 God tells His people to be the head and not the tail. This has been a guiding verse in my family as I grew up and it is one that we are passing onto our children.

Be a leader! Stand tall for what is right.

Character is what we do when no one is watching. We do right because it is right. It is the basis of all relationships, lifeskills and academics. It is my responsibility, as a parent, to instill in my children the tools that enable them to make character based decisions regardless of the situations they find themselves in.

Therefore, character training, be it proactive and specific, or be it reactive to correct a situation, either way, it takes a high priority in our homeschool day.

Why Character Training? When we place virtues in our children's hearts there comes a time when they will draw on those standards of their own volition.

How to start virtues training in your family.

Character Education is Achievable in your Home. This is our story, how we have made training a part of our everyday life.

We need to Praise our children not for their achievements but for the character that they display.

Does it work for negative behaviour? Training as a parent is both proactive and reactive. Long term results are to be found in using Character traits when dealing with negative behaviour.

Character Notes

We have been proactive in Character Education in our family for over 5 years. Recently I have been journaling my training thoughts and learning opportunities. My hope in sharing these Character Notes is to help you see that character issues arise all the time in family life and we have a wonderful opportunity to train our children in what is right.

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