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Welcome to Lifestyle Homeschool. My name is Belinda and I hope that this website will be helpful to you as you live life with your kids!

Peter and I have four children - currently between 19 and 13 years of age. Over the years Peter and I have learnt a lot about being a family learning at home. It has been a different definition for home schooling than when we started out over 14 years ago.

Photo that reminds me of Huckleberry Days Photo of Joshua studying in field of Lucerne

I used to say that homeschooling was our lifestyle
but now I say
our lifestyle is our homeschool!

Though this may seem to be a play on words, it has been a significant change in our thinking.

The change has helped me:

  • Balance all my hats as mum
  • Build relationships with my children
  • Enhance the individual talents of each of our children
  • Reduce the stress levels in the home
  • Include my husband in our days, regardless of his work schedule

So often home school families try to fit school into their days. If only the world would stop so life can be lived! Since we have seen our lifestyle in part delivering our children’s education we have achieved better balance.

It has been a change of perspective,
not a change of education standards or expectations.

When you start out homeschooling there are so many choices as far as how to homechool? I have found it helpful to know my education philosophy first. That sounds like a big word and a hard thing to come to but it is just knowing what you believe and why.

Discipleship is passing on of values,
one generation to the next.

Relationships are the number one focus in all our efforts. There is the vertical relationship between the individual and God and there is the horizontal relationships between each other. The family is our first relational sphere as a child. This is the practice ground for all our living.

We have found that as we live our life as a family first, our children are growing up in the things that are important to us; they are being educated or trained in all areas of their life.

  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Practical

The key to finding a life with my kids has been
to stop “schooling” them and ...

Live life with my kids!

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